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Our Clients Say

EazBuild has amazing clients and we love sharing their experiences!

“I was referred to Mel as someone that might be able to help me review blocks of land.  I was looking for something to build on but have never lived outside a major city so needed help understanding the various covenants and planning restrictions involved in each block i reviewed… they were all different.

I did not realise at the time that she would become the person that I trust to make my dream a reality.

Since finding my block of land Mel has been with me all the way through the design process.  Including working with me when I decided to make a major change to the work we had done. There was the added complication of me being based in Melbourne but I feel this did not inhibit the process at all

I have never built before, and to be honest, as I will only get one chance in my lifetime to do it, I was a little daunted by the prospect.  There are so many things to consider .. not least taking into account the relevant planning overlays that exist in my area, trying to design something that is sensitive to its environment and trying not to make design and planning decisions that you find don’t work.

I have been so lucky to have found Eazbuild and Mel.  I have drawings that I love that fit within my modest budget. I have felt the whole way that Mel wanted to deliver my concept and she understood it from the beginning.  She made me feel like this was also her project.

One aspect I found very valuable was Mel stepped in to offer alternatives and solutions with invaluable advice that takes a realistic and constructive builders approach …. and this was needed on a few occasions my concept needed some tweeking !!

She reminded me about aspects to the build that I had forgotten or neglected to consider.. things that make a house work not just look the way you want it to.

Although I had a modest budget to manage I have always felt that we have not considered options that were “cheap”.  Instead we applied the money were it was most important and scaled back where it was sensible to.  Which has meant that a few luxuries that I thought were not achievable have been included.

I have built such a high level of respect and trust through this process .. to be honest I would not have considered anyone but Mel to also help me with the construction.  I am excited to see how our little project comes to life.

Mel, thank you for your time, your expertise in knowing how a building works and for making me feel like I was your only client when I know you were so busy.

I highly recommend the EAZBuild team as they do really make the process of building achievable.”

Jane Moore, Melbourne VIC

“EazBuild completed design and drafting of plans and permit reports for a subdivision for a client of mine recently. The service they provided was excellent, and, it is quite outstanding what they can provide for their clients. The reason being is everything is so well presented and extremely detailed. I have seen a lot of what EazBuild’s competitors do and they do not present half as much as what EazBuild does. The whole process is made very easy, it is very comprehensive and all the “t’s” are crossed and “I’s” doted. This significantly improves the likelihood of finance being approved for the project.

When comparing EazBuild to others who may offer similar services, I would say many others are OK, but, EazBuild excels due to presentation excellence and overall delivery of quality documentation.”

Mark Mott, Complete Capitol

“I wanted a home designed that was sustainable, low maintenance and just that little bit different.” EazBuild created a home that well and truly fitted that brief and more. It’s just perfect.”

Fay Gray, Bright NSW

“Following a recent successful sale of 79 Clemens Lane, Myrtleford, I would just like to thank Mel Williams from EazBuild who, through her professional approach, put together a farm plan that allowed us to achieve a price well above the price suggested prior to this report being commissioned. My estimation of the value of the property without a planning permit, was approximately $250,000. This report allowed for  planning permit to be issued to the property therefore we were able to achieve 60% above the estimated price prior to this planning permission being granted. The family who purchased this property would not have been interested in this outstanding parcel of land without the ability to build their dream home. Again, thank you Mel for helping us achieve this outstanding result for the Vendors and making a young family very excited about their future at 79 Clemens Lane, Myrtleford.” 

Allan McGuffie, Ray White, Myrtleford.