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Our Services

EazBuild has a range of products and packages that helps clients with complete pre-build processes and permits, so they can easily complete the development whilst saving time, frustration and potentially, thousands of dollars.

EazBuild works with a range of clients on many different projects –

    • Subdivisions – from simple two lot splitter blocks to larger projects to incorporate common property and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sensitivity. EazBuild has extensive experience in this area. For more information, read more on our Town planning services.
    • Design service – single dwellings, multi storey dwellings, unit developments, farm development master plans and commercial developments including multi storey shop designs. Read more on our design / drafting services.
    • Thermal performance reports – 6 Star Victorian house Ratings
    • Title downloads
    • Property evaluations and development evaluations. Read more on our evaluation services.
    • Bushfire management statements – completion of bushfire management statements and advise on building materials in each BAL rating
    • Eazbuild now also offer EazBuild Tradie, a service direct to builders from drawing up plans for specifically for a builder, right through to stress free permit applications. We offer exclusive tradies’ business management – from quotations to empowerment. Click here to read more about EazBuild Tradie.